Contract Cleaning

We care about clean

Allcare provides customized contract cleaning services designed for just about any workspace.

We offer daily, weekly, semi-weekly and monthly service contracts — all tailored to the specific needs of your business activity and facility type.

And caring about clean means we also care about your health. By using eco-friendly cleaning products and techniques, we’ll help your organization avoid the negative health impacts of sick-building syndrome. Green Housekeeping practices can actually save you money by reducing absenteeism and fostering budget-friendly sustainability.

Flexible contract cleaning

We get it. Today’s business owners and facility managers are dealing with some pretty tough bottom line considerations. With that in mind, we create flexible contract cleaning packages to optimize your established budget. Through detailed client consultations, we factor in all of your specific needs and expectations.

Starting with an appraisal of your current level of service, our qualified Allcare professionals assess the size, design and finishes in your workspace to determine the best cleaning and maintenance program.

Continuous monitoring

And with the help of CleanTelligent® software, we continuously monitor our service commitment to you throughout the life of the contract.

Get in touch with us today at 905-856-8558, or by email, for your free, no-obligation contract cleaning quote.