Clean Windows Can Improve Moods

“My favourite journey is looking out the window.” -Edward Gorey A home is usually the biggest investment most people will ever make. And according to real estate agents, one of the biggest factors in choosing a property is the quality of natural light in the home. So let the sunshine in — through clean windows! … Continue reading “Clean Windows Can Improve Moods”

Floor Maintenance: The Shining (or not)

We walk all over them, we run on them, we scratch them and track dirt all over them, yet the only time we notice them is when they’re dirty, worn or uneven. We’re talking about floors, of course — and floor maintenance. Shiny or matte? Most people think that shiny floors are a sign of … Continue reading “Floor Maintenance: The Shining (or not)”

Zen and the Art of Spring Cleaning

The spring is sprung, the grass is riz, time to get on the cleaning biz. The birds are singing, flowers are popping and the world’s getting a fresh start. Spring is the season of renewal and rebirth, so why not do the same for your home? The practice of cleaning is a powerful force for … Continue reading “Zen and the Art of Spring Cleaning”

The Invisible Army: why it may be time to re-think your cleaning staff

  When they do it nobody notices, and when they don’t, everyone does. But just who are “they” and what do they do? Your cleaning staff is the invisible army that sweeps in and cleans your workplace when you’re not there so the following day can begin smoothly and efficiently. Just imagine if there were … Continue reading “The Invisible Army: why it may be time to re-think your cleaning staff”

Planning with Tomorrow in Mind: Developing a Sustainability Committee

A sustainability committee is a group within an organization whose mission is to find solutions that make it greener and more environmentally responsible — and put these ideas into motion. The committee has to work to mobilize people to make sure the best sustainable practices are implemented throughout the organization. Once an organization is convinced … Continue reading “Planning with Tomorrow in Mind: Developing a Sustainability Committee”

Clean Building = Productivity

Building related illnesses affect many Canadian workers. Many experience respiratory complaints, asthma, and allergies. This causes lost work times and poor productivity in employees. Improving indoor air quality fights building related illnesses and saves organizations money. Providing a clean and safe workplace encourages employees to maintain their premises. Intern, this too saves the organization money. … Continue reading “Clean Building = Productivity”

Is your office mold-free? Here’s how to deal with this health-impacting problem

Concern about indoor exposure to mold has increased along with public awareness that it can cause a variety of health effects and symptoms, including allergic reactions. In the workplace, just like at home, mold growth needs to be strictly avoided.  Significant problems can arise if the growth is left unchecked, affecting the look and smell … Continue reading “Is your office mold-free? Here’s how to deal with this health-impacting problem”

Carpet Maintenance Programs

A successful carpet maintenance program begins with good housekeeping practices.  Commercial carpeting is a significant capital investment and deserves proper maintenance.  Regular and periodic cleaning of your carpets increases the life span and contributes to maintaining a great appearance. There is a difference between cleaning and maintenance. When deciding on a maintenance program, there are … Continue reading “Carpet Maintenance Programs”