As we continue to navigate COVID-19 and the changing conditions and restrictions, cleaning for health has never been more important than it is today.

Our Coronavirus Certified Cleaning Products

Over the past 3 months, Allcare has worked with our crews and customers to aid in minimizing infection risks at your workplace.  Our staff are trained in using EPA approved disinfectant and procedures to help combat the virus.  Together with customers we are designing programs which follow their Pandemic Plans.  We continue to keep up to date with reports from our governments, the World Health organization and the Medical officers of Health.

We continue to encourage the importance of not only protecting ourselves, but those around us.  Continue to regularly wash or sanitize our hands.  Social distancing when out in public or at work.  Avoid touching our faces and following good respiratory hygiene.

As restrictions start to lessen and businesses slowly re-open, it is important to have a plan in place to accommodate increased staff while following social distancing.  Some recommendations are as follows

  1. Work from home where possible
  2. Re configure workspaces
  3. Turn boardrooms into additional workspaces or lunchrooms
  4. Alternate breaks and lunches
  5. Set handwashing breaks
  6. Mandatory PPE (provided by company)
  7. Increased cleaning and disinfecting
  8. Disinfection stations throughout the office
  9. Prepare plan B & C

As business owners and managers it is paramount we do our due diligence and provide a healthy, safe work environment for our staff.  For those returning to work after a closure, it is important they begin with a freshly cleaned and disinfected workspace.  This includes thorough sanitization and carpet steam cleaning and disinfection.  Please contact us to tell you about how we can assist you in not only disinfecting your workspace but developing a plan for social distancing, organizing your workspace and preparing for return to business.

Allcares main focus when cleaning is for Health.  The health of not only our crews, but the employees of our clients.  Customers need to work with their staff to declutter desks and workspaces which will allow for thorough disinfecting to be done.   Disinfecting of phones, table tops, touch points (door handles, light switches, filing cabinets handles, push plates, boardroom tables, kitchens, washrooms etc. and all high traffic areas.

For those who are essential services and have been working through all this, we first want to thank you for your service.   As essential services ourselves, we have been working with customers to provide safe and healthy work environments.  Our services for our customers have been focused on providing detailed disinfection.  For some, we have increased days of service, increased number of cleaners, providing PPE when available and sometimes just offering an ear to listen as they need to talk to someone.

Although our Account Managers are limiting customer visits, we are available by phone, email , Cleantelligent, even Facetime or zoom meetings.  Please contact us anytime to schedule carpet steam cleaning and disinfection, or to help facilitate your return to work program.

We look forward to continuing to work with you and wish you continued health and safety.


Allcare Management,