Importance Of Purchasing Green Paper Products

When purchasing janitorial paper products, there are things to consider. The most important being; does it help reduce the health and environmental impacts?.

Some of the key issues when choosing which paper products to use are:

Recycled Content: Having recycled content, reduces the amount of virgin free fibers required to produce paper.

Post Consumer Content: This uses Municipal curb recycled content. Having this encourages recycling everywhere.

Source Reduction: Dispensers: Use multi roll dispensers. It helps reduce waste from smaller rolls.

Replace multifold paper towels with larger rolls. Use touch free dispensers or dispensers which release only specific sized sheets.

Bleaching of Product: Try to avoid papers bleached with chlorine or bleached without the use of chlorine.

Be sure when purchasing paper products to look for the Eco Logo Certified symbol. This ensures all the above are taken care of.

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