Is your office Mould and Mildew Free

Concerns about indoor exposure to mold has increased along with public awareness that exposure to mould can cause a variety of health effects and symptoms, including allergic reactions.

In the workplace, our main concern is indoor mould.  Mould growth needs to be avoided.  Problems may arise when mold starts eating away at materials, affecting the look, smell and possible structural issues.

Mould can grow on virtually any surface, as long as there is moisture or water, oxygen, and an organic source.  Mould reproduces by creating tiny spores that usually cannot be seen without a magnifier.  Mold spores continually float throughout the indoor and outdoor air.  Exposure to mould can irritate the eyes, skin, nose and throat in certain individuals.

Moisture control is key to mould control.  When leaks or spills occur indoors- act promptly.  An initial water infiltration should be stopped and cleaned properly.

Mould Prevention Tips:

  • Repair leaky plumbing or leaks in the building structure as soon as possible.
  • Look for condensation and wet spots.  Fix source of moisture as soon as possible
  • Perform regular HVAC/ building inspections
  • Maintain Indoor Relative humidity below 70%
  • Be sure to vent moisture generating appliances
  • Provide adequate drainage around building and slopping
  • pinpointing areas where leaks have occurred, identifying the causes, and taking preventative action to ensure that they do not re occur.

Having your janitorial service provider be trained at spotting mould or moisture areas of concern is very important.

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