Building Services

At Allcare we care about clean – and that includes all of the many details that go into making your facility cleaner, safer and healthier. Along with providing regularly scheduled general cleaning and carpet maintenance, Allcare provides a variety of services that make your space more pleasant for both your employees and clients, including:

  • Window and glass partition cleaning,
  • Wall washing (a less expensive alternative to painting in many cases),
  • Light fixture cleaning,
  • Vent and ductwork cleaning.

We also offer Contract Property Management services, including an “à la carte” project management program to maintain your building’s infrastructure. Allcare sources, hires, and manages facilities tradespeople to take care of HVAC, plumbing, electrical, concrete and asphalt, landscaping, painting and basic minor repairs. We’ll audit your location and make recommendations with regards to safety and accessibility.

Let Allcare handle the details — after all, that’s what we do.