Sustainability Consulting

Allcare has the experience and expertise to advise your organization’s Sustainability Committee and even help facilitate its start-up if you don’t currently have one.

We advise on establishing Green Housekeeping programs as part of your organization’s sustainability efforts and assist in optimizing its institutional capacity around sustainability.

Allcare’s Sustainability Consulting services include:

  • recycling and waste streaming recommendations,
  • consulting on LEED Points pertaining to cleaning practices,
  • facility audits with respect to mould and air quality,
  • coordination of scheduling, planning, guidance and compliance in conjunction with management, employees, steering committees and action teams.

We’ll assess your current policies and procedures to align them with best practices for sustainability. Together we can develop a customized plan that’s just right for your business activities, stakeholders and facility.

For more information on our services or help with formulating an effective Sustainability Plan, call us at 905-856-8558.