The Magic of H2O2 | Hydrogen Peroxide – Part 2

Last time out we wrote about hydrogen peroxide and, the more we researched the topic the more we found out about the almost miraculous benefits of this ubiquitous, natural and inexpensive compound.

To quickly re-cap:

Hydrogen Peroxide: H202. You probably already have it in your home, and more than likely you use it to treat minor cuts and scrapes. But you’d be surprised at how many uses this colourless liquid has.

Used for household cleaning, health, hygiene, beauty and medical purposes — even as rocket fuel! — hydrogen peroxide is readily available at any drug or grocery store. It’s inexpensive, and is one of the handiest household supplies ever.

Best known for its medicinal uses — hence its availability at pharmacies — let’s continue with some common uses, and some that you may not be aware of.

Health, Hygiene and Beauty

Treating acne and boils

 Since H2O2 is so effective as a disinfectant for minor wounds, it makes sense that it would speed up the healing process for skin infections such as acne and boils. Apply a bit of the 3% solution on the infected area; it acts the same as it does on any wound, helping to kill unwanted bacteria. Just apply it the one time; if you apply it too often it’ll kill the good bacteria, as well.

Fight athlete’s foot

Fed up with the itching and scratching from going to the gym or hanging out by the pool? Let’s face it, foot fungus is a pain. Try applying a mixture of equal parts water and hydrogen peroxide to make it stop. Even if you don’t have an infection, as a preventative measure, it’s a good idea to regularly disinfect your shower shoes to prevent the agony of da feet.

Pardon me? Clean out your ears

If you’ve ever had “swimmer’s ear” you know the pain. Before seeking medical attention, sometimes it’s just a build up of ear wax and can be quickly cleared up by using a couple of drops of olive oil, followed by a couple of drops of H2o2. Keep your head tilted for a minute, and then tilt the other way to let the mixture drain out. It’s as simple as it sounds.

Household Cleaning Uses

Cutting board cleaning

Germs love to hang out on your cutting boards – especially when you use them to cut meat. Yes, you wash it thoroughly and are careful to not contaminate other foods. But if you want to be sure, just give it a spritz of hydrogen peroxide and a warm rinse. This will kill the lingering germs and protect your other foods and utensils.

Rugs and carpets

Tough stains, muddy stains, icky stuff in your carpet? On light-coloured fabrics only, spray H2O2 on the affected areas and vacuum the spots away. Be sure to try an unobtrusive test area first to make sure you’re not bleaching away the fabric colour. Perfect for white carpeting.

Again, if you have any interesting ideas that we might have missed about the fabulous uses of hydrogen peroxide, please let use know, and share in the comments section below.

And remember, we care about clean.