hedera helix

English Ivy (hedera helix) is a popular
potted household plant but isn’t
much appreciated outside. more

Our Services

Allcare provides powerful, effective cleaning services to the industrial, manufacturing and professional sectors of the Greater Toronto Area. We handle everything from industrial-strength degreasing and disinfecting agents for machinery and factory areas, to eco-friendly cleaning practices and products for office, administrative and food service areas.

Along with routine cleaning services, Allcare offers seasonal and recurrent cleaning work to keep your space fresh and healthy with that just spring-cleaned feel.

Special Services

We’re always there when you need us, and you can count on us even when you don’t think you need us. In addition to scheduled cleaning jobs, Allcare is there for those unexpected emergency cleanup jobs, as well — flood damage, construction cleanup, carpet maintenance, blind cleaning and painting are just some of the services offered. Big or small – contact us or give as call at 905-856-8558 for a free assessment and quote.