What Have We Learned?

We’ve discovered that having a clean work environment isn’t just about looking good — it’s also about the health and well-being of the people who work there. Allcare Maintenance Services Inc. approaches cleaning with the commitment of keeping people healthy and reducing sick-building syndrome by using environmentally-kind practices, which in turn helps increase productivity and reduce absenteeism. Lesson learned.

Where We Work

With an army of over 40 crews, Allcare goes the extra mile providing quality janitorial and maintenance services for manufacturing, distribution, warehousing, automotive, pharmaceuticals and professional offices throughout the GTA.

We offer flexible contracts, including nightly, weekly and monthly, as well as day porters and specialty service staff.


Better Clean for Your Green

Allcare’s methods are no more costly than regular cleaning approaches – in fact, we can actually save you money. We use CleanTelligent® software to streamline our services and to maximize efficiencies, which keeps our system up-to-date on your records and also allows us to accurately communicate with you about your account in real time.

Call us for a free “Healthy Space” assessment. We can customize a cleaning program that’s just right for your maintenance needs.

Mother Nature can teach us all a few things.

We’ve learned a few things from Mother Nature