Clean Windows Can Improve Moods

“My favourite journey is looking out the window.” -Edward Gorey A home is usually the biggest investment most people will ever make. And according to real estate agents, one of the biggest factors in choosing a property is the quality of natural light in the home. So let the sunshine in — through clean windows! … Continue reading “Clean Windows Can Improve Moods”

Floor Maintenance: The Shining (or not)

We walk all over them, we run on them, we scratch them and track dirt all over them, yet the only time we notice them is when they’re dirty, worn or uneven. We’re talking about floors, of course — and floor maintenance. Shiny or matte? Most people think that shiny floors are a sign of … Continue reading “Floor Maintenance: The Shining (or not)”

Zen and the Art of Spring Cleaning

The spring is sprung, the grass is riz, time to get on the cleaning biz. The birds are singing, flowers are popping and the world’s getting a fresh start. Spring is the season of renewal and rebirth, so why not do the same for your home? The practice of cleaning is a powerful force for … Continue reading “Zen and the Art of Spring Cleaning”

5 Quick Recipes for Natural Cleaners

We recently wrote about the toxicity and harmful side effects of harsh chemical cleaning products used in the home and the dangers they present to children and pets. Instead of keeping a chemical lab in your broom closet, did you know that there are lots of healthier alternatives? Not only are natural cleaners less harmful … Continue reading “5 Quick Recipes for Natural Cleaners”

Workplace Waste Diversion Plans: simply smart business

Fact: as much as 90% of office waste could be recycled or composted. Implementing a workplace waste diversion plan isn’t just a feel-good environmental thing. It’s also a smart business move that can reduce costs and foster team spirit. Paper, paper, read all about it! Whatever happened to the paperless office that was predicted decades … Continue reading “Workplace Waste Diversion Plans: simply smart business”

The Invisible Army: why it may be time to re-think your cleaning staff

  When they do it nobody notices, and when they don’t, everyone does. But just who are “they” and what do they do? Your cleaning staff is the invisible army that sweeps in and cleans your workplace when you’re not there so the following day can begin smoothly and efficiently. Just imagine if there were … Continue reading “The Invisible Army: why it may be time to re-think your cleaning staff”

Harmful Cleaning Products: How to Keep Your Kids and Pets Safe

Detergents, window cleaners, furniture polish, disinfectants, floor cleaners, bleach – you’ve probably got a variety of jugs and spray bottles in your cleaning arsenal. And if you think about it, all those harmful cleaning products practically turn your broom closet into somewhat of a chemical lab. But remember those safety precautions you learned in high … Continue reading “Harmful Cleaning Products: How to Keep Your Kids and Pets Safe”

Keep a lid on it: Why you need to pay attention to roof maintenance

Sometimes it feels like there’s an endless to-do list when maintaining a building or a house. Some of the upkeep can be put off until later. But roof maintenance is one of the tasks that needs to be top priority — especially with our Canadian climate. Heavy snowfalls, spring thaws and rain, scorching summer heat … Continue reading “Keep a lid on it: Why you need to pay attention to roof maintenance”

Hey, kids, let’s science! The Magic of Microfiber

Microfiber packs a big punch Fun fact: the average person spends about 20 hours per month on household cleaning. But there are tools to make the job easier and science has given us so many labour-saving inventions, it’s easy to take them for granted. (Just think about how laundry used to be done!) Microfiber cloths … Continue reading “Hey, kids, let’s science! The Magic of Microfiber”