Meet Corinne Traplin, Sales Manager at Allcare Maintenance Services

Corinne Traplin has been a driving force at Allcare Maintenance Services since joining the company a just over 10 years ago. As Allcare Sales Manager, she’s proud to bring quality, green cleaning services to the Greater Toronto Area.

Before joining Allcare Maintenance Services, Corinne had worked selling chemical products. She had known Allcare founder Chris Kandelas through selling cleaning chemicals to him.

He had seen promise in Corinne while at this job, and eventually persuaded her to join him at Allcare in 2002 when the company was growing and Chris was typically working from 9 in the morning to 10 at night.

By listening to Chris and following his example, she was able to learn about how a cleaning company works. “He took me under his wing, and made me feel like I’m part of the company” Corinne said.

She was also able to bring her knowledge of chemicals and research and help implement some important aspects of the business. “The way the industry was heading was changing,” Corinne recalled. This included health and safety regulations that, for one, meant that environments would not be left with the residue of toxic chemicals. “This was about caring for clients, but our cleaners too.”

Chris, Corinne and other employees decided to take the green cleaning chemicals home to test them around their homes. Many reported smoother skin and less irritation, and they could breathe better. They experienced the difference that cleaning chemicals made in their own lives, and were able to bring this first-hand knowledge to the job.

The benefits of green chemicals over traditional cleaning products have been known to have a serious impact on the health of occupants and cleaning staff. And she’s been able to successfully explain these benefits to employees, and takes pride in her employees’ knowledge of green chemicals and techniques. She’s also excited to help customers understand the benefits of Allcare’s services. “Customers understand it and believe it,” she said.

Throughout her time at the company as sales manager, Corinne has always felt like a partner in Allcare, and in May 2011 she officially signed on as a partner. She looks forward to continuing to help the company further expand and grow, and bring on new customers who care about clean.