Building Services and Maintenance


At Allcare, we care about clean. And that includes all of the many details that go into making your facility cleaner, safer and healthier. That’s why we offer building services that go above and beyond routine cleaning.

Indeed, a sparkling clean work environment has even been shown to increase productivity by boosting morale. What better way to show your staff that you value their well-being than by providing them with a hygienic, healthy and safe work environment? Let us help you meet your facilities maintenance goals.


Along with providing regularly scheduled contract cleaning and carpet maintenance, Allcare also offers a variety of building services, including:

  • Window and glass partition cleaning,
  • Wall washing (a less expensive alternative to painting in many cases),
  • Floor cleaning and maintenance,
  • Light fixture cleaning,
  • Vent and ductwork cleaning.

We’ll even audit your facility and make recommendations with regards to sustainability, safety and accessibility.

We take pride in deep cleaning your workspace. Because when your space is spruced up, it creates a more hygienic, pleasant and healthful environment for both your employees and your clients

So let Allcare handle all the fine details — after all, that’s what we do.

Get in touch with us today at 905-856-8558, or by email, for your free, no-obligation building services quote.