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What is CleanTelligent?

CleanTelligent is award-winning cleaning report software used by Allcare and our clients to monitor facilities, stay connected and maintain the high quality of our work.

The CleanTelligent system tracks and creates reports detailing client communication, site inspections and cleaning surveys.

Allcare team members regularly monitor the reports, both during the day and while carrying out cleaning and maintenance programs in the evening.

We use CleanTelligent reports to ensure consistently high standards of cleanliness and maintenance.

Because it’s clear — we care about clean!

How does it work?

Our clients use CleanTelligent to review inspection reports and survey results. This important feedback helps us maintain consistently high standards and address concerns efficiently.

Clients also use CleanTelligent to conveniently keep in touch with us so that they can quickly direct requests to the appropriate team members at Allcare.


Our inspections include building surveys to ensure continuous quality control. Additionally, we review Material Safety Data and WHMIS sheets, as well as logbooks and comment cards.

  • We carry out inspections based on your contract specifications and the unique requirements of your facility
  • Inspections are completed with smartphones and uploaded in real time to our secure client website
  • Your inspection results are available immediately upon completion

Immediate Attention – Easy as 1-2-3

  1. Submit a request directly to Allcare Maintenance from your computer
  2. CleanTelligent immediately notifies all responsible team members
  3. You receive a response to your request approximately within an hour

Once your request has been sent, you can monitor the status of the message — whether it’s been filed, replied to, or reopened — confirming that the request has been logged and is being addressed.

Be in the Know

With CleanTelligent, everyone works more efficiently, which produces overall better results. Plus, the real-time tracking tools provide Allcare with all the necessary information to address each and every concern quickly and effectively.

Real-time monitoring allows you to:

  • Receive notifications of requests made by anyone in your company
  • Track requests, issues and response times
  • Access the entire inspection and message history
  • Quickly retrieve documents such as site records, Material Safety Data, training manuals, WSIB certificates, liability insurance records and maintenance product information

Now you know

Contact us today at 905-856-8558, or use the online form and let us know what types of service you need. Whether it’s short-term, long-term or a one-time project, Allcare will make it clean.