O Tannenbaum

Nothing says the holidays quite like a decorated fir tree. People have been doing it for thousands of years to celebrate winter festivals, Pagans, Christians, even the Romans used fir trees to decorate their temples at the festival of Saturnalia. Because the winter solstice is the darkest time of the year, Dec. 21-22, people used … Continue reading “O Tannenbaum”

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What you need to know about Sick Building Syndrome

What is Sick Building Syndrome? Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) refers to the ill health that results from spending long periods of time in tightly sealed, poorly ventilated buildings. Starting in the 1970s, in an effort to become energy-efficient, new buildings were designed to be more airtight, resulting in decreased ventilation and increased exposure to indoor … Continue reading “What you need to know about Sick Building Syndrome”

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Upcoming Flu Season

In Canada, the flu season usually runs from November to April.  An estimated 10-25% of Canadians are affected by the flu each year. Has your workplace begun to use different methods of preventing the flu from spreading amongst your employees, protecting both you and your business? Contact Allcare for all your prevention tips and products … Continue reading “Upcoming Flu Season”