Green Cleaning using RMC’s Enviro Chem Products

Rochester Midland Corporation’s Enviro Chem Green Cleaning Products Make Green Cleaning Effective

Allcare Maintenance Services uses sustainable, green cleaning products from Rochester Midland Corporation to help improve the health and safety of workplaces, and reduce its environmental impact. RMC’s Enviro Chem cleaning products cover a vast array of uses, which not only comply with green standards also feature a colour-coded system designed to make green cleaning much simpler. This has made the Enviro Chem product line a favourite at Allcare.

In this blog post, we talk with RMC’s Brian Stinson about the company’s line of certified green cleaning products, and how to reduce the environmental impact of cleaning.

Allcare: In the world of cleaning chemicals, how unique is a full line of certified green cleaning products?

Brian Stinson: When RML first introduced our EC (Enviro Chem) line of green products during the mid 1980’s, we were the only company who had a complete line. Nowadays a lot of manufacturers have either a complete line or almost complete line.

We have tweaked our products a number of times over the past 25 years to make them better for the end user. We were the first manufacturer to be awarded the “Green Seal” third party certificate. Now Ecologo is well known as a third party certifying body, especially in Canada, and we are continually expanding our Ecologo line with many additional products beyond the EC line.

Allcare: How does using these chemicals in concentrations help reduce waste?

BS: Selling concentrates reduces waste in many ways. Our products are very concentrated and in order to get them to an RTU (ready to use) format takes a lot of water.

There is not much use of shipping water to our distributors, then they ship water to end users, that means a lot of extra plastic and cardboard for packaging, as well as labels, along with a lot of extra diesel fuel to truck products all over the country. That is why we choose to ship concentrates and let the end user mix with his water. In addition, the end user can then reuse the RTU package to mix more product so they are not throwing out end user bottles.

We offer RTU labels to end users to make it simple and convenient for them to do their own mixing. We also offer dispensing equipment to simplify mixing.

Allcare: How does the colour-coded system ensure that Enviro Chem are used correctly? And does this affect the overall effectiveness of the chemicals in cleaning environments?

BS: We use colour coded labels so end users get to know which colour of label relates to which product for each application. In many cases our end use label will match the original colour of the label of the concentrate.

This does not affect the performance of the chemicals.