Carpet Maintenance Programs

A successful carpet maintenance program begins with good housekeeping practices.  Commercial carpeting is a significant capital investment and deserves proper maintenance.  Regular and periodic cleaning of your carpets increases the life span and contributes to maintaining a great appearance. There is a difference between cleaning and maintenance.

When deciding on a maintenance program, there are several factors that need to be taken into account.

They are frequency of use, foot traffic, desired appearance, available equipment, and most of all budgets.

There are four different categories to carpet maintenance:

  1. Preventative Maintenance
  2. Regular Maintenance
  3. Interim Maintenance
  4. Periodic Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance: The more a carpet becomes soiled, the more difficult and expensive it is to clean.  Providing adequate entrance matting, good housekeeping, and providing spill kits to clean immediate spills.

Regular Maintenance: This consists of vacuuming all traffic areas regularly and spot removal as required.  Special attention to be paid to entrance and heavy traffic areas.  Also detailed vacuuming (corner to corner) on a weekly basis.

Interim Maintenance: This is used to clean or brighten the appearance of the carpet by removing the surface dirt.  This can be done by carpet bonneting or shampooing.

Periodic Maintenance: This is wet cleaning.  Typical practices are based on shampooing using a high foam carpet shampoo, or spray extraction cleaning using a low foam detergent. Shampooing involves the use of a rotary or cylindrical brush machine which brushes a shampoo solution (“wet” shampoo) or a shampoo foam (“dry” shampoo) into the carpet pile. After this is completed, the dirt-laden shampoo is either sucked out of the pile by means of a wet pick-up machine, rinsed out using a spray extraction machine (charged with water only). Spray extraction cleaning injects a detergent solution into the carpet pile, immediately followed by an integral wet pick-up system. Cleaning efficiency can be improved by pre-spraying the carpet with the low foam shampoo 10 minutes prior to spray extraction.

To discuss setting up a maintenance program for you carpets, please contact 905-856-8558.

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  1. This is great information. There’s nothing more important for keeping a carpet looking good for a long time than proper maintenance and especially regular cleaning.

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