Importance of Entrance Matting

Importance of Entrance MattingDirt, dust, and grime enter our workplace everyday.  Approximately 70 to 80% of the dust, dirt and allergens, enter through our front door.

It is important to have (where possible) 10-15 ft. of matting at all entrances to trap and reduce the amount of dirt entering your site.

Tracked in dirt can lead to premature destruction of floor finish, and your carpet.  It can cause stains on your carpet, track in salt, mud and moisture, therefore reducing the life span of your flooring material.  Matting also minimizes the slip/fall liability.

Entrance matting ranges from scrapper mats, wiper mats, and a combination of wiper/scraper mats.  They each provide there own function which is to trap and remove dirt and moisture.

To receive further information on protecting your employees and your facility, and to help you decide what time of matting best suits your building, please call 905-856-8558.