Enviro Chem Makes Green Cleaning Simpler

New green cleaners are proving that there’s no longer a trade-off between being green and being clean. Case in point, the Enviro Chem products we use from Rochester Midland Corporation is a complete system that includes biodegradable, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-reactive solutions.

The colour-coded cleaning system we use makes sure that the right cleaning solutions are used, and that they aren’t contaminated. (Click the image for a larger view.)

Not only does Enviro Chem have a lower impact on worker health and building occupants than traditional cleaners, but the system is also colour coded to make cleaning simpler.

Cleaning chemicals are given a specific colour based on their function. For instance, deodorizers are teal, glass cleaner is purple, disinfectant is blue, and washroom cleaner is green. This means that cleaners know exactly what chemical to use for the job.

The cloths are also colour-coded, meaning that there’s no cross-contamination between, say, a glass cleaner and washroom chemicals. But it also ensures that no one ever uses the same cloth to clean a desktop as a bathroom.

Another great thing about the colour-coded Enviro Chem products is that if our clients have to clean up a mess right away, and can’t wait until we get there, they can follow a simple chart showing what coloured chemicals and cloths to use for each purpose.

We obviously think the world of our cleaners, and they’re top-notch professionals – but why make their job harder? Rochester Midland’s green cleaners help make choosing the right chemicals easy, environmentally friendly, and powerful. It’s enough to clean nearly everything we’re faced with, and that means a lot.